The Honeycomb Ozone Filter, a technological marvel, is meticulously constructed using aluminum honeycomb coated with a manganese catalyst. This innovative design not only enhances its efficiency but also ensures a remarkably low pressure drop, optimizing air flow within the cartridge. The ozone elimination process involves two chemical steps, transforming ozone molecules as follows:

  1. O3 + Mn → M-O + O2
  2. M-O + O3 → M + 2O2

Our ozone cartridge adheres to a standardized size of 150 mm x 200 mm x 50 mm, seamlessly fitting into our filtering unit. This versatile cartridge can be employed in various configurations, either in tandem with a second Ozone cartridge for intensified ozone removal, alongside a Dust (HEPA) cartridge for comprehensive air purification, or combined with an Activated Carbon cartridge for enhanced chemical pollutant filtration. This adaptability underscores the Honeycomb Ozone Filter’s ability to cater to diverse air quality needs, making it an indispensable component of our advanced filtering systems.

Ozone Filter

Preserving the Past: Mitigating the Menace of Ozone in Museums

The insidious effects of ozone on museum artifacts are well-documented, causing accelerated degradation and irreversible harm. Exposure to high ozone levels jeopardizes delicate materials such as paper, textiles, and select metals. Our cutting-edge air filtration solutions, featuring specialized ozone filters, act as a shield against this threat. By integrating these advanced systems, museums fortify their commitment to proactive conservation, ensuring the longevity and pristine condition of invaluable cultural treasures. Safeguard the past for the future with our comprehensive ozone protection measures.