Because of the complexity of controlling both parameters, every project is designed according to dimensions, material of the case, target values as well as ambient extremes in temperature and humidity.

Although we do not have standard, off shelf units we are offering:

  • Maxi T – Large units to control temperature and humidity inside the medium size cases (5-10 cubic meters) where main generator is located inside the machine room or other technical area some distance from the display case. See below.
  • Mini T – small, compressor based unit for installation under or behind the display case. This unit can work with venting type or cooling/heating panels system. Will work with our Mini One or sometimes PMCG units.
  • Special, thermoelectric device for very small cases. Will work with our PMCG unit.

Please note that controlling temperature and humidity requires some changes to display case design and its very hard if not impossible to install this system in old, existing cases. If temperature and humidity control is planned it is essential to incorporate our equipment in the early stage of designing the exhibit.

Maxi T


  • Maxi T is controlling temperature and humidity and is able to cool down or heat up case as required.
  • System is divided into 2 parts:
    • Main generator and
    •  Mixing chamber.
  • Main generator should be located inside the machine room no further than 20 meters away from the controlled case. To make this system work as a fully automatic system main generator needs access to a domestic water source and drain.
    • Venting system:
  • For all glass cases this is the only available option. Mixing chamber is installed directly under the display case and air from the mixing chamber is directed into the case.
    • Panel system
  •  For wall type display cases, main generator can also works with heating/cooling panels.

Depending on the size of the case, target temperature, humidity and ambient conditions, system can work with cases up to 10 cubic meters.

Sample chart of Maxi T unit.

  • Target T=18°C and RH=50%.
  • Ambient T on start= 25.2°C and was dropping within  17 h to 14.3°C and then sharply rise to  25°C +
  • Relative humidity inside the case for the first 17h was fluctuating between 49.6% and 50.3%. Inside temperature was within 18.3°C and 17.6°C. When outside temperature starts to rise sharply, RH and T inside had a slightly larger fluctuation: 51.1% and 19.1°C and after short period of time fall down to target values.