MINI ONE active Microclimate Generator for Museum Showcases.

The Preservatech Mini One is a miniature humidity control device for museum showcases and storage enclosures. This robust and extremely efficient unit can reliably control humidity in individual or multiple enclosures.

The Mini One active microclimate generator is a sixth generation system, satisfying the demanding standards of preventive conservation and modern museum design. It incorporates the most recent developments in electronic humidity control, noise suppression, and pollution abatement — built on the heritage of a family of microclimate control devices extending back to 1978.

This positive pressure microclimate control system will typically maintain the relative humidity level in a sealed museum enclosure to within two percent (or less) of your target relative humidity. Depending upon the ambient temperature conditions and enclosure construction, relative humidity levels of less than thirty-five to over eighty percent can be attained.


Museum microclimate. Mini One humidity generator for museum display case


The Mini One active microclimate generator can be installed in a number of possible configurations for differing applications; performance characteristics will vary with installations and enclosures. In its most common application, the microclimate unit will provide a constant flow of air at a stable relative humidity level to maintain desired humidity levels in a tightly sealed museum display or storage enclosure of up to eigth cubic meters . Alternative installation modes may be used to accurately control multiple display cases from a single microclimate unit, a single large enclosure with multiple humidity generators, or very large enclosures or less than perfectly sealed showcases. Features:

  • Accurately control humidity on new, retrofitted, or imperfect showcases
  • Unique constant RH and volume input creates very stable environmental conditions
  • Supply single or multiple enclosures
  • Positive pressure air supply sweeps out, and prevents the influx of pollutants into the display case
  • Locate microclimate unit at any reasonable distance from showcases
  • Unobtrusive and easily hidden air delivery system
  • Calibrated, digital humidity and temperature sensor
  • Output sensor location guarantees accurate delivery humidities
  • Internet monitoring.
  • Electronic control system specially developed by iq direct, automatically adapts to any enclosure size
  • Low water warning light and alternate connections
  • Suitable for humidity control in nitrogen supply (low oxygen) applications
  • Powerful standard components (no upgrades necessary)
  • Multiple unit applications without master/slave complications
  • Substantial built in reservoir with option for external tank
  • Externally vented cooling system
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Easily maintained on site


Ambient gallery air is filtered for pollutants and drawn into the microclimate generator. This air is pressurized and directed through a proprietary mechanism that adjusts the relative humidity to the preset value. This air is directed through a small flexible tube to an input port in the showcase. Air flow to the enclosure is constant, and in normal operation, the air is delivered only at the set RH level.

The Mini One humidity generator can be operated in a variety of modes, depending on enclosure characteristics and acceptable control limits. Output from one microclimate unit may be distributed to more than one case, or multiple microclimate units may be used on a single case when more capacity is needed. The microclimate unit may be placed immediately beneath or next to the showcase, or at some distance away.

In normal applications, the microclimate unit provides humidity control for a single tightly sealed enclosure, usually not exceeding two cubic meters. In these applications the unit will typically provide extremely accurate humidity control; the unit does not add or subtract moisture from the air — it gently feeds a steady stream of air into the showcase at the target humidity, displacing existing air and pollutants in the enclosure, which is forced out through gaskets and existing leaks.


Each machine is equipped with build in data logger. RH data are written on SD card which can be read in Preservatech software or any other program able to read csf files.


As all of Preservatech’s equipment, Mini One active microclimate generator can be connected to the monitoring service.

Log-in to using “demo” and “demo11” as credentials to see sample monitoring system.


  • Maximum Power Consumption: 120 Watts
  • Typical Power Consumption: 60 Watts
  • Power Source: 105 — 120 or 210 — 230 Volts, 50 or 60 Hz
  • System Internal Voltage: 12 Volts DC
  • Shipping Weight: 26.5 lb / 12 kg
  • Output (Volume of flow): 850 cubic feet / day / 24 cubic meters / day (typical)
  • Output @ 22 degrees C: Constant Flow @ 35% to 80% RH, +/- 1% (typical, over entire range)
  • Output (maximum pressure): 2.5 in water column / 600 Pa
  • Operating Temperatures: 15 to 27 degrees C (Ambient temperatures will affect control capacities)
  • Sensor Element: Capacitive thin film sensor
  • Reading Accuracy: +/-3%
  • Repetitive Accuracy: +/-1%
  • Bypass Valve: Automatic, typically triggered at +/- 3% from target (adjustable).
  • Pollution Filters: 3M 6000 Series filter cartridges
  • Communication: RS- 485 for data and control with optional software
  • Low water indicator: LED on 3 ft / 1 m lead and dry contacts for other optional alarms
  • Biocides: Copper components, chilled compartments and TiO2 mesh
  • Dimensions Model A (May, ’09):17 in / 43 cm X 13 in / 32.5 cm X 7 in / 17.75 cm
  • Dimensions Model B (Aug, ’09):
  • Control Module: 14 in / 35.5 cm X 12 in / 30 cm X 6 in / 15.25 cm
  • Pump Module: 8 in / 20.5 cm X 7 in / 17.75 cm X 6 in / 15.25 cm
  • Dehumidification Capacity at Ambient Conditions of 22ºC, 65% RH:
  • 5 gm/hour (basis 40% RH target output)
  • Humidification capacity at ambient conditions of 22ºC, 35% RH:
  • 9.5 gm/hour (basis 85% target RH, eg humidification chamber applications)
  • Humidification capacity at ambient conditions of 22ºC, 5% RH:
  • 9.5 gm/hour (basis 55% target RH, eg dry nitrogen feed applications)


  • For newest version of manual and brochure, please see DOWNLOAD page.
  • Museum microclimate. Mini One humidity generator for museum display case