Our monitoring system is designed to allow users of our equipment to have access to current data 24hr. All devices, manufactured by Preservatech have on board WiFi connectivity which allows to connect with our monitoring server.


  • Mini One
  • PMCG
  • Maxi One
  • Maxi One -s
  • Custom equipment designed and made by Preservatech
  • RHT sensor
  • Filter sensor (only alarm messages)


Monitoring can be accessed from any device able to connect with WWW. The system provides real time data in the form of a chart which also stores data for a year, data can be downloaded into file compatible with Excel.

Standard Interface

Data is shown as list of devices

After clicking on a particular device, a new window opens displaying a chart with readings from the last 24 hours.

Graphical Visualisation  Interface

For special orders, a interface can be designed with a grapical visualization. This is most convenient when a project includes many points of measurement. With this type of interface it is very easy to manage a large number of cases/sensors.

Gallery is shown on the screen with actual data on each controlled case. When more information is needed, clicking on particular case opens a new screen displaying a chart.

Demonstration Sites

Standard interface, can be tested on our demo site:

user: demo

password: demo11


This site has real working machines currently being tested in our factory.

Graphical interface, can be tested on same site by clicking “Demosite” on the left menu.