Stand Alone Humidity and Temperature Sensors

Our RHT sensors are a good choice for client using our equipment and needs to check RH and T in cases without microclimate control. All sensors are fully compatible with our monitoring system and all have build in data logging and WiFi connectivity.

All of our humidity and temperature sensors are using same probe as other equipment manuctured by Preservatech.


RHT sensors comes in two options:

  • Main unit located outside of the case on cable and only RHT probe located inside the display case.
  • Built in sensor inside the enclosure. See below for enclosure options.

RHT Sensor Probe


Sensor type: digital

Manufacturer: Honeywell

Accuracy RH: ±1.5%

Accuracy T: ± 0.8°

Stability RH: 0.05%/5 years

Stability T: 0.05°C/yr

Cable length: 1.5m (possible longer cable for special order)

Probe location: cable or internal

Data logging: local on SD card and server

Power: 12VDC, included DC adapter

Connectivity: WiFi



  • Real time monitoring
  • Option to set email alerts when sensor detects out of range status
  • Optional Graphical Interface.

For more detailed info, see Monitoring brochure.


Included in the set

  • Main unit with touch screen display
  • RHT sensor probe
  • Power adapter
  • WiFi antena
  • Optionally: alarm cable, LED for alarm or acoustical device.

Enclosure options


Typical enclosures comes in high impact polylactic with Antracid or White colors.



RHT 00 AA 00 AA
Shape Color Sensor probe Alarm Cable
01 Rectangular WH White 01 On the cable 1.5 m  NO No alarm cable
02 Round BL Black 02 Build In AL Alarm Cable with LED
` AB Alarm cable with acoustic alarm
AC Alarm cable only


Example: RHT-01-WH-01-NO – Sensor with rectangular case, white with sensor probe on the cable and without alarm cable.