Preservatech provides a wide range of microclimate solutions for museums, archives and other institutions which need to control the microclimate in small and medium size display cases and other enclosures. Although our main area of interest are museum display cases, our equipment can also be used in storage rooms, archival cabinets and any other application where close control of relative humidity is necessary.

Controlling a microclimate in display cases or in limited volume enclosed spaces is much more economical than supplying climate control for a whole building and our equipment is the perfect solution.

advanced microclimate control for enclosures The PMCG Series of our microclimate generators is a novel approach for controlling humidity in museum quality display cases. The PMCG units are based on solid state technology - unlike other units, it needs no filling or emptying of reservoirs.
The Preservatech Mini One microclimate generator is a miniature humidity control device for museum showcases and storage enclosures. This robust and extremely efficient unit can reliably control microclimate in individual or multiple enclosures.

Maxi One constant volume microclimate generator is a fully automatic positive pressure air supply device, designed to provide conservation-quality humidity control for museum display or storage enclosures. A single unit in a remote location (such as a machine room) can reliably maintain extremely stable humidity control and pollution abatement for an entire gallery of showcases.
Our network monitoring system allows the collection of data from all the machines and other peripherals in the gallery.
Humidification chambers designed for conservators.
We are offering standalone PHC chamber with controlled temperature and relative humidity,
acrylic made LPHC chambers for work with our Mini One microclimate generator and
custom made, stainless steel chambers.
Anoxia Systems under construction.
We are offering a wide range of an air filtering solutions as a standalone systems as well as an integral part of our humidity control equipment.
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